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This week Russell Peterson gives us some insight via our Blogs Spot! Drop by his website HERE, and enjoy!

1: Besides becoming a parent, what made you decide to blog and are you still blogging for the same reason? Have you evolved since you started, and if so, how?

I decided to blog for several reasons. As a parent of older children, I thought it would be helpful to pass along insights from a few years of experience. Second, I am passionate about cooking and nutrition at home. After posting food and recipes on Facebook, I was encouraged by friends to blog about it publicly. Finally, after having a heart attack and not knowing how long I had to live, I wanted a place for my children and grandchildren to see what I was about: sort of an online scrapbook about my life, family history and our lifestyle. It is evolving every day and is becoming more of a lifestyle entertainment and education website. Even now I am changing an existing section of the websites. I am revamping a page of liked products I call Dad’s Best to be more of a review and endorsement blog. I’m also going to add a new blog on surviving a heart attack and how it has evolved me and my family.

2: Out of all your posts, which do you think resonated most with others and why?

There have been several equally received. They mostly have to do with either kindness in the world or a recipe with a great food picture in it. The stomach is a powerful device. However, I think this recent post has had the most feedback across multiple social media sites.

18 Positive Things A Dad Should Do Before His Daughter Gets Booted Out Of The Nest

It is hard to let our children go, no matter the transition: daycare, first day of school, a camping trip. But probably the most difficult is sending them off to college after high school, especially if they are going to live in another city. It seems more permanent and scary, at least for the parents. This was a funny post that made us look at our foibles as dads, think creatively about our relationships, and understand the complexities between a father and his daughter.

3: How do you think/hope your child/children will view your blog later in life?

They are going to laugh and tell their children how crazy it was growing up with their nutso grandfather. At least I hope they will tell them that their job is to be an improvement over the previous model, just like they were.

4: What kind of parenting advice have you received that you actually used in raising your little one?

Don’t take it too seriously. Yes it is serious. Just don’t take it that way.

5. What do you hope to gain from blogging? What are your goals, where do you see it going?

I hope to gain friends, knowledge, and comfort. My goal is to live a long and productive life and hopefully connect with incredible people and places.

Thanks for popping in to check out Day Parent Dad!

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