Let’s Get The Change Rolling, Amazon #AmazonFamilyUS

11021385_10153098780337836_7414831734781219254_oIt’s time for a change, Amazon. Families come in all shapes and sizes these days. Moms aren’t the primary caregiver across many families. Single dads, stay-at-home dads, two dads, two moms, single moms. Families are all different. Isn’t it time that programs for families be inclusive of all?

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the Amazon Moms program. Why should you care? Why do I care? Because in this day and age, being inclusive is important. This is a cause that my late friend and fellow blogger, Oren Miller, championed.

 Take a look at Oren’s words, back in 2013.

“In a way, it’s meaningless. Who cares about the name Amazon uses for its parenting program. On the other hand, what does it say about us? Why did Amazon bother changing the name of its parenting program when the program started in the UK? What made them realize they couldn’t get away with calling it “Amazon Mom,” and why do they get away with it here? Someone actually started a petition to change the name to Amazon Family in the US, and so far it has less than 100 signatures. Why is that? Why are we OK with letting England be more progressive than we are here when it comes to fatherhood? They have a queen! They are ruled by a freakin’ queen! We can do better than that!

Please sign that petition. Please. It’s not about a name and it’s not about me personally being offended and it’s not about stupid emails about yoga classes. It’s about a company that looks at the US, then looks at England, and then decides that over there, parent equals mom or dad, while here, well, we’re not ready for that yet.”

orenWhen Oren passed away on February 28, it hit the Dad Bloggers community hard. Nick wrote a tribute to Oren, as did many of his fellow Dad Bloggers. He started our Facebook group and built a community. This was his fight and we’re picking up the mantle in his honor. It’s the right thing for us to do–and it’s the right thing for Amazon to do.

The original Change.org petition was launched by Jeffrey Harrington. This is what he says:

I’ve been a stay-at-home dad since my daughter was born seven years ago, and I can say without a doubt it has been the best experience I have ever had. I’d never trade it for anything. And there are plenty of other dads like me: according to the 2010 U.S. Census, almost a third of fathers with a spouse in the workforce take care of their kids at least one day a week. And of those with kids under the age of 5, 20% of dads are the primary caretaker.

That’s why, while I appreciate being able to save money through the Amazon Moms discount program, I don’t like the message Amazon is sending by reinforcing a stereotype that doesn’t apply to my family, or plenty of others.

Amazon should embrace the fact that ALL parents, no matter their gender, are responsible for taking care of their kids. And they should show that they respect those families that don’t have a mom just as much as those that do. Amazon already calls the program “Amazon Family” in other parts of the world — they should do the same thing here in the United States.

The Amazon Moms program is actually called Amazon Family in other countries. Why, then, is it not called that here, in the US? It doesn’t make much sense, if you ask us.

Join us, fine folks! Sign the petition, let your voice be heard, and get Amazon’s attention!


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