The Netflix Diaries: The Beat Bugs

Growing up as the child of two Baby-Boomers has afforded me many things over the years. One of the keystones to my childhood development though, was music. My Dad spent a lot of time in the kitchen and for most of that time, there was music playing. The bulk of which was music that he, and my Mom, grew up with. His collection covered many different genres and artists, but there was a primary go-to that was always in rotation: The Beatles.

These days, now that Emma is a bit older, she has a better grasp of how to navigate Netflix with the PS4 controller and find what she likes. I still keep my ear out, however, in case she tries watching something new that’s not really appropriate for her age, or in some cases, appropriate at all (Netflix kids still gets a few not-so-good programs snuck in there because of the show’s classification). So standing in the kitchen, with my ear tuned in to the kid in the other room, I hear a familiar sound. It’s a slightly different tune, and a little voice, but it’s definitely the song “All You Need Is Love”. Naturally I think to my self “that’s really cool! She must be watching one of those mash-up shows that features cool music”.

But then I hear another one, the all to familiar tunes and lyrics to “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”….I must investigate. Sure enough, it was Beat Bugs.

An entire animated series for teaching valuable lessons to kids of all ages while utilizing a small section of the Beatles library? Count me in. In fact, we almost blew through the entire first season in that one sitting.

It’s an incredibly well put together animated series and the inclusion of Beatles music, whether its familiar to your child or not, is absolutely wonderful.


As a bonus, check out the post by our good friend Jeff Bogle from OWTK! He’s also a huge Beatles fan and loves sharing music with his kids. Read it HERE.




-B.K. Mullen



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