Minimalism 2017

The image up there is an (nearly) empty storage unit. That’s cause all the stuff that was in it is now in our house.

This past month has seen a bit of a transformation for our home. For the last two years we’ve been utilizing a storage unit just outside of town which we aquired when we moved from a three-bedroom townhouse to a two-bedroom apartment. And good lord….we have a lot of stuff.

George Carlin once said “a house is just a place to keep all your shit. Fill your house with too much shit? Oops, gotta buy a bigger house”.

The crazy thing is that while it is a lot, most of it is stuff we’ve accrued throughout our relationship, now going on 7 years. There are boxes of old journals from high school and paperwork from former jobs. That’s not to mention all the clothing. Good God the clothing…..I never knew any piece of clothing could hold sentimental value, until it was time to throw it away. Teeshirts, pants she bought at Hot Topic back in 2007, boots worn once then put in a box, you name it. Our clothing is only about a quarter of it however, being dwarfed of course by all the clothing our little one has gone through over the past three years.

It’s all in boxes, and it’s all now in our basement.

On one hand, it’s awesome to not have to pay for a storage unit anymore, and part of moving out was getting rid of a couple of things, which is nice. But the fact remains, a good 30% of useful basement space is now taken up by boxes of randomness and clothing we no longer need. Time to start going through it and stop feeling like we’re being a bit suffocated. Time to donate some of those cloths so they go where they are needed instead of gathering dust. Hand off some of the baby toys no longer fit for our toddler, but still 100% useful.

Because there is also a truth with our family: clutter drives us crazy and triggers our anxiety.

Time to cleanse. The wife and I have been talking a lot lately about a more minimalist approach to life, and maybe this is a good swift kick in the ass to get us there. Time to go back and listen to our podcast episode with Vic from Eat.Sleep.Dad. where we got talking about his family and their turn towards minimalism!

Are you feeling a bit stuffed into your own home as well? Lets chat about it!

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