Little Giant

Recently I’ve been dealing with a bit of an unexpected psychological “happening”. It happens every so often when my 3 year old is either giving me a hug, cuddling up to me in some manner, or even just sleeping away on the couch or in her bed. A certain perception changes, and it’s one that I suppose will be with me forever.

I call it “Little Giant Perception Syndrome”.

No it’s not an official “syndrome” but I thought it sounded scientific.

You see, my kid is huge. I mean…not actually, because shes still tiny….but for real…shes huge. One second she’s this tiny little human in my arms, the next second shes taking up ALL the room on the chase part of our sectional. She’s half my height now and has a mean left hook, but her fingers are these miniature things almost as tiny as her toes and her nose.

She’s one of the smallest/biggest creatures I’ve ever seen. See what I mean?

It’s becoming difficult for my brain to comprehend how big she’s gotten over the past 3 years, and yet I still perceive how small she is in comparison to the rest of the world. And don’t worry, she’s not suffering from dwarfism or gigantism or anything like that, don’t let my words fool you. She’s a perfectly normal 3 year old girl. The only issue hear is myself, as a parent, dealing with the fact that she’s growing up.

So y’know…that will probably go on for the rest of my life lol. And I’ll be the first to tell you: as much as I can’t wait to see how she turns out as an adult…I wish she could stay this amazing little/big size forever.



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