Dance Dad Returns

September 24, 2018 PBDadCast 0

Like our trusty hoodies recently pulled from the closet, we’re slipping back into things familiar and comfortable. The seasons are changing again, this time to […]


Ep 131: The Old Man

September 13, 2018 PBDadCast 0

Ben chats with his Dad (Mark) on Kindergarten, the difference between school in the 60’s vs now, and how families co-exist. Subscribe on iTunes and […]


Life Adjusting

September 7, 2018 PBDadCast 0

I’m a changed man in many ways because of my kid. I’ve become a machine of efficiency unlike the previous incarnation of myself, an occasionally […]


Kindergarten Minisode!

September 4, 2018 PBDadCast 0

In this episode, Ben and his wife Carissa chat about Emma heading into Kindergarten right after they drop her off for the first time! Enjoy, […]