Blogs Spot #1: Geek Daddio of 4!



We’re happy to have Michael as our first feature on Blogs Spot! As Geek Daddio of 4, he blogs about all his adventures of being a Dad, as well as healthy food recipes and his photography. Be sure to check him out  HERE!

1: Besides becoming a parent, what made you decide to blog and are you still blogging for the same reason? Have you evolved since you started, and if so, how?
I have always been interested in it since I was a kid. In 6th grade I had a Geocities page where I would post pictures of things I liked and funny graphics. In high school I went to love journal  and then when I graduated I regularly posted on my Myspace page like it was a blog. I created the page I am currently doing in 2005 and it has gone from me complaining about life as a 20 year old, to talking about school, focused on health and eventually to what it is now, parenting and health.
2: Out of all your posts, which do you think resonated most with others and why?
My post about my nephew Kienan, whom died at 2 days old. It is a story so many people have experienced and if they haven’t then they understand the pain.
3: How do you think/hope your child/children will view your blog later in life?
I hope they see it as a time machine into who I was at that time. Something where they can go back and see what my thoughts were and see my point if view on things that they remember.
4: What kind of parenting advice have you received that you actually used in raising your little one?
Learn to read upside down. It makes things so much easier when your reading a book to them and can’t put the book flat for yourself. It come natural to some but for me I had to train myself to do it.
5. What do you hope to gain from blogging? What are your goals, where do you see it going?
I want to learn what my skills as a writer are and be able to hone them. I eventually want to write a book about my kids and the funny things they say and do.
Thanks so much for checking out Geek Daddio of 4! Click here for his Twitter Instagram, and Facebook!
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  1. It is so great to see so many men embracing the challenge of full involvement in their roles as fathers. So different from when I grew up where fathers were not involved very much in the child experience. And from what I am seeing, from the blogs to my every day experiences in restaurants, stores, etc., these dads are doing a great job and finding a balance between work and quality time with their kids. It is inspiring!

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