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“What happens when a SAHD’s kids are addicted to video games?” sounds like the beginning to a joke I once heard, but this guy is no joke! Jon from took on our little questionnaire and leveled up!  Go check in with Jon at iGamerDad!

1: Besides becoming a parent, what made you decide to blog and are you still blogging for the same reason? Have you evolved since you started, and if so, how?

I think I wanted something I could start doing as a [email protected] Dad that was low-impact but kept my mind working in a “professional” manner. I needed to think of things other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and how much a whiner Caillou is.(Seriously I won’t even let my kids watch that show because that kid is just annoying.)

2: Out of all your posts, which do you think resonated most with others and why?

Well I’m still new and don’t have a deep portfolio yet, but I’m rather happy with the response I’ve received with my post about Parental Controls on the next generation of gaming consoles. It blew me away what a big difference in usability there was, especially this late into the gaming game.

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3: How do you think/hope your child/children will view your blog later in life?

It’s a strange thing to admit, but I honestly haven’t thought of that. I hope they see that I did care about how I raised them and hope that I’ve taught them to be good sports in whatever they are doing.

4: What kind of parenting advice have you received that you actually used in raising your little one?

Strangely, I’ve been able to learn what kind of Dad I want to be by looking at the bad examples of fatherhood I’ve had while growing up. I do my best to not repeat those mistakes that I saw as I was growing up. As a bonus, my Father-in-law is a kick ass Dad so I’m really trying to learn from his examples.

5. What do you hope to gain from blogging? What are your goals, where do you see it going?

Besides keep me sane? My goal is simple, to share the things I’ve learned while being a Dad. I don’t ever expect to land any book deals or make it “big”. I just want to get my experiences into a written form so that I can share them with others.

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