Sports Corner: Who The F*ck is Brock Osweiler?

That’s what I said when I first heard Peyton Manning was going to have to sit out a couple of games in the 2015 Season. What young guy to they have lined up to try holding place for the Sherriff, and how bad is he gonna get beat? As it would turn out…not bad at all. He put on a great showing, lead the team to some great victories and seemed pretty levelheaded. 

He seemed, then, like the obvious choice to take over for Manning upon his retirement and for being a young guy, the deal the Broncos were prepared to offer was a good one. Three years, $16mil per year with $30mil guaranteed. Manning announced his retirement officially, the Broncos made their offer and the entire fanbase thought nothing of it. Because of course he would want to inherit a Super Bowl winning team with the best defense in the league. 

Oh wait…..apparently he doesn’t.

Earlier this afternoon, Brock Oswieler signed a 4 year $75MILLION deal with the Huston Texans. Why? I’m still wondering that myself. 

At first I was angry and confused. As soon as they announced it on my local radio station (holla 97.5FM) I slammed my fist on the steering wheel, nearly waking my little girl. A seemingly bright young man with plenty of talent just bucked up and took the hard road, giving up a team young QB’s dream of for the chance to lead a lesser team with not much of an offensive line to speak of but for more money. 

So now I sit here asking myself the same question, 11 minutes into the Free Agency period: Who The Fuck Is Brock Osweiler? Is he confident and talented enough to think he can go to a completely new team and be the Franchise QB they need? Or is he stupid enough to put a big contract over a solid team? 

In the end, only time will tell. What do I hope? I hope he crushes it. In his first year with the Texans he’ll no doubt perform well, although probably not well enough to make the playoffs. In 2017, if they make the right moves, they may even be a Super Bowl contender. But my question still remains: Who The Fuck Is Brock Osweiler?

Over the next four years…we’ll find out. 

-Ben (Seahawks/Eagles)

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