Sports Corner: NFL Draft Preview

The 2016 NFL Draft is officially upon us! Deals have been made, players been worked out and it’s no suprise that this Draft in particular has heated up. As the first pick approaches, let’s take a look at who we think will go in the Top 10, and where they will head to!

Always keep in mind though, trades can happen even ON DRAFT DAY, so nobody knows 100% what’s gonna happen until their name gets called!
1: Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are looking to make a splash, and they’ll no doubt do it with the first pick in their hands. While most reports show Carson Wentz is the best QB on the list, it hasn’t stopped L.A. from expressing how much they love Goff. While they probably also love Wentz, it wouldn’t shock us to think the front office is wary of a player coming from a 1-AA school. Expect Goff to wear blue and gold for the next few years.

2: Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles

While The Rams may be wary of that 1-AA status, the Eagles certainly are not. After a blockbuster trade to move up to the 2nd pick, they’ve made their intentions clear. They are taking a QB, and it’s exactly the guy they want. The guy they’ve talked about most? Carson Wentz. It’s so certain in fact that the Eagles current starting QB Sam Bradford has demanded a trade, despite having already signed a 2 year $22mil. deal at the start of the off season.

3: Laremy Tunsil- San Diego Chargers

If there is anything the Bolts are looking to do going into 2016-2017, it’s protecting QB Rivers with a 300lb athletic guy. A no brainer at this point.

4: Ezekiel Elliot- Dallas Cowboys

The Boys want to recover and recover BIG from last years debacle after losing Tony Romo for most of the season. With him back at the helm and (hopefully) healthy, adding a strong RB like Elliot would boost their offense while also giving them an insurance policy if Romo gets injured again.

5: Joey Bosa- Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have been bolstering their line over the past couple of years, and although Buckner is more physical, Bosa will fit perfectly into their scheme. Just hope he doesn’t mind wearing a two-tone helmet.

6: Jalen Ramsey- Baltimore Ravens

Defense. Defense. Defense. If the Ravens need anything it’s an athletic guy who can keep up with the teams on their schedule. They may also go for Myles Jack, depending on how much they believe the nonsense about his injury.

7: Myles Jack- San Francisco 49ers

It makes sense for the 9ers to rebuild their defense. It would make more sense to take Buckner if he’s still available, but this is Chip Kelly we’re talking about here.

8: Deforest Buckner- Cleveland Browns

It appears the Browns new front office has ditched the classic Cleveland move of drafting a QB and will be putting faith in RG3. With a great Defensive player available here at 8, it’s their best get. Expect them to take a WR later down the line.

9: Vernon Hargreaves- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston is primed for a great year ahead. The biggest issue they face is the WR’s they’ll be going up against in this years schedule. If Hargreaves is still there at 9, he’ll be packing for Tampa.

10: Ronnie Stanley- New York Giants

While they were probably hoping for Myles Jack to still be here, they’ll go for the next best thing.
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    • Aside from being a 1-AA guy, Larry, heard nothing but good things about Wentz. Also hoping Bradford gets dealt, they can find a backup for Chase Daniel so Wentz doesn’t have to play for the season, I’m sure.

      • Actually, I had heard those things too, but never saw him play. I want to know what he does that so special. Great arm? Quick release, etc,
        Yup – I heard someone say it send a bad message to veterans if Bradford is dealt – as if they don’t want to win this year. I hear it but I thought Daniel was supposed to have potential to be a a number one. Let him have the season to prove it. If he does – great. Valuable piece.

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