Why Ben Should Be Declared The #KingOfRest (Giveaway!) 

What is “rest” really? Is it when we meditate? Sleep? Procrastinate? Snooze?

In a way, it’s all of these things and what do all of these things have in common? Ben is awesome at each of them.

So when our new friends at Restonic asked, nay BEGGED the question “Who really is the King of Rest”, I knew it was meant for me to answer.

Being a Stay At Home Dad isn’t what most people think it is. I don’t spend all day on the couch in between playing video games, changing diapers and playing Patty-Cake. Rarely is there a moment to even catch my breath and so it’s imperative for one in this situation to know how to truely make the most of that Parental Unicorn: down time.

So like a Ninja straight out of the pages of Dr. Suess, I can sleep anywhere. In the car, on a bar. On a train, in the rain. In a box with a fox in socks throwing rocks. You name it, I can find a position to sleep in.

Healthy sleep is an important choice we all have to make. It helps us recouperate from all the stress of the day, spend time with our significant others, and give us some peace of mind. If we don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to a ton of health issues as well as relationship issues. No sleep means trouble keeping up with the kids, keeping up with the house, keeping up with work. It effects everything. (Restonic even has a handy Sleep Blog all about this stuff HERE!)

Which is why the ONE problem I have with resting is a REAL problem. For all the places I am able to sleep in, I have the most trouble with our bed! Our mattress is now a handful of years old and it’s just impossible anymore to get comfy. Is the King of Rest and his Queen deserving of such nonsense? Nadda. Nope. Never.

So it is incredibly lucky that our good friends at Restonic are challenging the world to find the true King of Rest, and have found me. But they’ve taken it a step further.

By entering below, anybody has the chance to win a Queen sized HealthRest® Mattress from Restonic. Invest in your health with one of Restonic’s HealthRest® Brio™ Mattresses. Layered with latex and TempaGel® by Restonic and supported with a Trucomfort core™, a healthy, supportive night’s sleep is yours for the taking.

As the King of Rest, I can sleep anywhere….except for on my worn out mattress. For all the work I do, and all the places I have slept in all those uncomfortable decisions, it is clearly I who should me named Restonic’s King of Rest! I should certainly have one of these mattress, and so should you!! Enter below!

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Restonic Mattress for this promotion.

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