Dear Parents, There Is Such A Thing As “Years”

I’m ranting today cause I just don’t understand it. This is gonna be a quick one, and perhaps take it as a writing prompt of sorts. Feel free to discuss in the comments, etc.

Dear Other Parents,

Last time I checked, YEARS are still a thing. Not only are they still a thing, y’know a measurement of time, they also apply to our kids. Not just us! So I think you can understand my confusion when I ask you how old your kid is and you give it to me in months, yet the kid is clearly over ONE YEAR old. Don’t tell me 36 months if they are 3 years. Just say 3 years, it’s so much easier. Is this a pediatrician-related thing I don’t know about? Or are you just trying to prolong your kids’ youth at every possible moment?

Look…if you’ve forgotten, here it is:

4 weeks = approximately 1 month

12 months = 1 YEAR

I’ll even give you a pass for kids under the age of 2. You spend the whole first year of their life calling it out in months, so slipping back into that mindset between 1 year and 2 year birthdays can happen. I can get behind that.

But dear lord….it’s truly starting to drive me crazy. Somebody please explain and tell me there is a logical explanation.





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