The Movie Still Hunt

Adventure can be found in so many places, from the highest mountain to the smallest street. But one of the things I’ve always loved while perusing the internet is “then and now” photos.

The way it works is you bring a printed out photo of a location from years ago, go to that location, and snap a pic of the two together like so:


But then an idea struck me the other day while chatting with a friend on Facebook, and my movie-loving self came out to play. What if you did this exact same thing with your kids, but with stills from your favorite Comic Book movies and tv shows?

The most popular of locations of course is New York, where they’ve filmed for almost every Marvel Movie since the first Toby Maguire Spider-Man. Not that I expect anyone to climb up the sides of skyscrapers, but there are still plenty to check out like these!!!

In fact you can find stills from all over the world from different movie franchises, like a lot of the Marvel and DC movies being filmed in Toronto. Plus the Mission Impossible series has filmed all over the world as well as James Bond!

Looking for a little extra adventure on a trip or in the city where you live? See if a flick shot there and play along!



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