This weekend turned out to be a milestone: Emma’s first haircut.

To be fair, she’s had a few from her mom, but nothing beyond trimming off a few inches off that crazy little head.

Over the last couple of months the conversation has been on-going for a pro-haircut. After hundreds (and hundreds) of viewings of Disney’s Decedents she was pretty sold on the idea of having “Mal hair”. We even dyed half her head purple using Kool-Aid!

But this week there was no dancing around the issue. She scrolled through some photos with Mom, picked out the one that she wanted, and quite enthusiastically on Saturday morning, we went in for the snip.

The part that surprised me wasn’t how short it is now, that part I was expecting. The surprising part is how well she did in the chair. We’re so used to seeing little ones online bawling their eyes out or barbers struggling to keep their attention etc.

But not Emma, chill as a cucumber and listening to every direction. Head down, look to the side, look at mommy and all that. This kiddo never ceases to amaze me.


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