Dance Dad Returns

Like our trusty hoodies recently pulled from the closet, we’re slipping back into things familiar and comfortable.

The seasons are changing again, this time to cold. It’ll float around 70 for the next week or so and then take that dip. That wonderful dip I’ve been waiting on for what feels like forever. With the shift to cold and dead leaves and hoodies comes another season starting up: Dance.

The pink outfits (sometimes black), tap and ballet, sweatpants for Hip-Hop, we’re back again. Same place, although it’s gone through a re-design since we’ve been gone. Whatever switching around they did, it made better use of the space, adding a second studio and more effective seating areas for parents. Em changed too, growing two inches or so, going up a few shoe sizes, etc.

We’ve been waiting for this. Not that we can’t fill our time other ways, but the change of season makes us more excited to be out doing things. Being active aside from working and occasionally going to dinner. Stretching our legs, doing something fun, and getting fresh cold air breathed deeply into our lungs.



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