Dad-Bod Athlete

It’s really happening, I’m participating in my first 5K.

You have to understand, I’m not a runner. At all. Mostly because of asthma but also because (especially now at 241lbs) I’m just not built for it. To an extent I feel like Gimli from Lord of The Rings: natural sprinter, wasted on long distances. But I have a few things going for my advantage.

1) A few months ago I hurt my back at work, now dealing with a “protruding disk”.  Doesn’t sound like advantage from the get-go but because of the rehab I’ve had to start working out my core and doing cardio in ways I never have before. This is putting me in a great spot motivation wise since not only will I do these workouts at PT, but I’m also doing them at the gym.

2) The 5K in question is in my town, and it’s 95% flat.

3) And possibly the most important advantage: I thought a 5K was 10 miles. Turns out its 3.1 so it’s astronomically better than I thought it was going to be.

4) It’s on Thanksgiving Day. This gives me a solid goal date to shoot for and then after my running extravaganza: FOOOOOOOOOOOD.

I’m looking forward to it either way. Even if I end up walking the last mile, I’m confident I’ll at least finish. That’s the biggest draw for me, doing it and finishing it along with the process of getting there. Being back in the gym, headphones on and in the zone almost every day for the next 51 days. I feel it, I feel the drive and I feel the confidence.



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