Dance Dad Returns

September 24, 2018 PBDadCast 0

Like our trusty hoodies recently pulled from the closet, we’re slipping back into things familiar and comfortable. The seasons are changing again, this time to […]


Life Adjusting

September 7, 2018 PBDadCast 0

I’m a changed man in many ways because of my kid. I’ve become a machine of efficiency unlike the previous incarnation of myself, an occasionally […]



July 23, 2018 PBDadCast 0

This weekend turned out to be a milestone: Emma’s first haircut. To be fair, she’s had a few from her mom, but nothing beyond trimming […]


The Movie Still Hunt

June 9, 2018 PBDadCast 0

Adventure can be found in so many places, from the highest mountain to the smallest street. But one of the things I’ve always loved while […]

No Picture

Ep 93: Life and Orlando

June 15, 2016 PBDadCast 0

On this week’s Wednesday episode, we discuss the awful shooting in Orlando–and talk about how we’re supposed to explain these kinds of horrific events to […]

No Picture

Ep 90: kthxbai

April 4, 2016 PBDadCast 0

After a week off for the Easter holiday, we were back at it this weekend. What did we talk about? OF COURSE we talked our […]

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Ep 84: Depression Part 1

February 9, 2016 PBDadCast 1

We tackled some heavy topics in this week’s episode, namely depression, anger issues, and anxiety. Both Nick and Ben have suffered from some of these […]