#DadBodAthlete Update!

My legs felt weak, but turned out strong enough when I pushed myself because I had too. The whole time I felt a freedom. That same freedom that blessed us when we were young, pre-cell phones going for long hikes in the woods. Scout Camp outings when I was 10-12 on mountain bikes hitting the Appalachian trail for a few hours. The smell of fall, the feeling of the cold rain on my face, the focus on my breathing so the asthma doesn’t kick in too hard and my heartbeat in my ears instead of my headphones.

Today I rode a bicycle for the first time in 16 years. A child born on that last day I rode a bike with my scout troop can now legally drive a car. Finding my balance again was a little shaky, but I still got it. I guess the saying is right that you never really forget. But the best part today wasn’t necessarily while I was riding, the best part was when I got home.


I snapped a picture out of real pride. I thought deeply about my Uncle Don who passed away recently, who was a professional cyclist for many years. I walked into the house dripping wet on the outside, covered in sweat on the inside of my jacket. The only thing I didn’t feel was tired, no tired isn’t the word for it. I felt well used. I felt like I had accomplished something in that 6 miles.

I suppose what I accomplished was getting myself off the couch and out of the house. Working harder towards my goal and towards running the 5K on Thanksgiving, which I haven’t been able to train for in weeks due to being ill. I felt not tired, but energized.

So I started cleaning the house and planning my route for tomorrow.

What a day.

Day 1: 246lbs

Day 35: 233lbs

17 Days till the 5K




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