One Year Later… You Know What Time It Is

10154356_838669969486409_1621038057059128405_nAnniversaries are cool. Unless you forget them, in which case, bad form, man. BAD FORM. We just had came up on our first anniversary of doing our podcast. Looking back over the year, where we started from, and looking at where we are now, it’s been a pretty damn amazing ride so far. Nothing made that more clear than when we had the one and only Jeff Bogle of OWTK fame on the show–our anniversary show–and he showed up with an anniversary gift. What was it? Take a gander at that pretty lookin’ clock over there. HE GAVE US AN ANNIVERSARY CLOCK. WITH OUR LOGO.

A year ago, we didn’t know who Jeff was. We didn’t know who Chris Bernholdt from DadNCharge was. Now he’s letting us tag along with him to events like #MomMixer at the Franklin Institute. We didn’t know Tommy Riles, Art Eddy, Ryan Hamilton, and David Guest from Life of Dad, but they let us put our podcast on their site while barely even knowing us. We didn’t know that there was this whole community of Dad Bloggers around. Hell, we barely even knew each other! If you’re new to the Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast and haven’t heard or read the story of how we came to be, check out this post on how exactly we started. Long story short: Ben moved into the house next door to Nick. They started chatting, became friends, and started the podcast within a week. A year later, we’re great friends working on awesome projects together.

10700220_845190558834350_2665497355335396342_oWhen we did our first show a year ago–which you can listen to here–we didn’t know where we were going with the show. We didn’t know if we wanted to have a blog accompanying it. Ben hadn’t started his blog, Dad on the Mic yet and Nick had been writing as Papa Brownie for two-and-a-half years. We’ve had countless other Dad Bloggers on the show as guests, appeared on other podcasts as guests ourselves, and have started doing work on brand campaigns. If you asked me a year ago where we would be, I’d never have guessed where we are now.

We have a vision of where we want to go now and in the future. But, whether we achieve that vision or not, we’ve had a hell of a lot of fun so far and look forward to making you laugh (mainly from Ben making fun of Nick or Nick making terrible jokes), making you think, and making you get a kick out of this journey we call parenthood. To all of you who have helped make this first year as awesome as it has been, a sincere THANK YOU from both of us.

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