The Element of Discovery: Dove Men+Care

We love the outdoors, it’s just in our blood. No matter the weather or the setting, it’s being outside among the natural rabble that feeds our souls. I love the fact that my daughter is as curious about the world as my wife and I, and if there is one thing I’ve discovered about fatherhood, it’s the rewarding feeling when I teach her something new and get to relive experiences all over again. 

We get to see her mingle with bugs, play in the dirt, fiddle with the sand, break sticks, throw rocks and occasionally chase after squirrels. We have front row tickets to the greatest show on Earth: a little one discovering what the Earth is all about. She’s experiencing the elements first hand and it’s wonderful. 

This is why we were all excited about our mystery package from Dove. Their new Elements series brings nature into their already awesome products, and the new Elements Treehouse in Tennessee designed by the one and only Pete Nelson. 

Our package came during a rainy week, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the outdoors. In fact…it helped! We were sent an awesome “design it yourself” fort to construct outside, making a little home away from home where the little one and I could enjoy the elements while still having a “base” to operate out of. 

We were in the kitchen prepping, and thats when it happend: she had a different idea than just a fort. 

“Daddy” she said, “It’s raining a lot!”

“I know baby cakes, so what should we do?”

“We need an umbrella!”

An before you know it, our creation was complete! 

An umbrella when we go for a hike, a convenient way for any parent to keep the kid covered while they are exploring 4ft below you, and a stand-up fort when you bring three extra attachable legs with you in the handy carrying case that already comes with the poles! My kid = genius. 

Not only did we get this gem for her, but Daddy also got a few things from the new Elements Series including: Minerals and Sage Body + Face Bar, Minerals and Sage Antiperspirant, and the Charcoal + Clay Body and Face wash (one of my favorites). The combination of their already awesome formulas with natural earthy scents is a fantastic thing. 

The best part though? A little something special we get to share with YOU! A chance to win a trip to the amazing Elements Treehouse. Just follow THIS LINK and get excited 🙂 




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