Dance Class

The other night we reached one of those milestone nights, when our little one went to her first dance class. It was amazing to stand aside and watch that process go down for the first time. Dance has had it's place in my family for quite a while, with my both my Mom and Mother-In-Law having taken dance in some form in the past, as well as a bit of ballet for myself years ago.

There's an incredibly satisfying and proud feeling seeing your little one hit first position for the first time. The teacher was awesome, mixing in exactly the right amount of fun with the right amount of standard dance positioning.

And then it happened…..


During one of the moments of "free dance", one of the moments of fun and stretching and Disney music….

….Emma did a Dab.

Actually…….she did about a dozen.

I haven't gotten a picture of it yet, but my daughter does "The Dab". It all started pretty innocently, another night of silliness between our little family. Dancing around the living room having a blast, and then it happens. In a moment of pure silliness I drop the hottest dance move of 2016/2017, according to all the young-ins.

Silly Dad does a silly Dab. Cause why not.

Actually I have a good reason why not….cause now Emma won't stop doing it.

We all, the teachers and everyone, got a huge kick out of it. It was absolutely hilarious to the point she was the focus of all the other parents and the older (high school aged) dancers waiting for their class to start.

Needless to say: she had a blast, and we'll be going back.




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