Blogs Spot #5: Twin Daddyo!



This week’s Blogs Spot comes from Chris Rothwell from! Hailing from London, Chris’ blog features DIY projects, music, being a SAHD, and chronicling parenthood with his two wonderful twins! Enjoy!

1: Besides becoming a parent, what made you decide to blog and are you still blogging for the same reason? Have you evolved since you started, and if so, how?

I actually started ‘web logging’ back in about 1998. Was just a stupid personal blog, but met a bunch of people and quite enjoyed it. I’ve blogged on and off ever since. Now, I’m transitioning into being a SAHD, so that was my motivation for blogging. Becoming a parent of twins just happens to be my subject matter.

2: Out of all your posts, which do you think resonated most with others and why?

I’ve only published two to date, neither particularly ground breaking, but I’d like to think that my introduction will resonate and get people wanting to come back and read regularly.

3: How do you think/hope your child/children will view your blog later in life?

I’d imagine they’ll like it and treat it as a modern day time capsule, where they’ll hopefully get the sense of what I was experiencing as they were growing. Stuff that they won’t remember, but I probably always will.

4: What kind of parenting advice have you received that you actually used in raising your little one?

I think the thing that had the biggest impact on me was something my Mom said on her first visit to meet the twins, which I’m currently writing a post about, was that as I was the only child, my parents put all focus on me and not enough on each other, which was a big reason they split up after being married 25 years. That’s really sunk in and I make sure to give my wife equal amount of attention.

5. What do you hope to gain from blogging? What are your goals, where do you see it going?

More than anything, I hope to gain more relationships with similar like minded dads, have an avenue to express my interests and learnings from parenthood and actually get regular readership. My goals are to blog consistently, participate in the Dad blogger community and be more active.

Hope you go check out! And don’t forget to click here to check out his Twitter and Facebook.

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