Sports Corner: How Sam Bradford is Helping Ryan Fitzpatrick

It was the biggest story in Philadelphia sports…for a few weeks. Sam Bradford, starting QB, decided to demand a trade shortly after finding out that he would just be a transition QB for Carson Wentz. The holdout lasted a few weeks, but came to a close on the first day of OTA’s when Bradford went back to practice with his tail between his legs.

While he may not know it, despite not being able to make a case for himself, he has indeed helped the case of Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is currently holding out until New York gives him a desire able contract. The big thing that everybody has been quipping about is that neither of these QB’s are very good. After a decade of football, Fitzpatrick has yet to post decent numbers as a starter despite holding onto the job somehow. Bradford has spent every year of his career so far in an unhealthy state OR recovering from injuries.

The difference between the two, and the reason Fitzpatrick is getting a boost from the thick headed Philadelphia QB, is the 2015 season. While Bradford may have an advantage this year of being healthy in the offseason for the first time in his career as well as the support of a dream staff for his position, Fitz is coming off what is arguably the best year for the Jets in 10 seasons. 2015 was only the second time since 2006 that the Jets have had a winning season (10-6) and their 11 win season in 2010 was considered a fluke my many. Fitz has lead a bottom-of-the-barrel team (4-12 in 2014) and brought them within smelling distance of the playoffs in a single year.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that Bradford was handed a 2 year contract worth $35 million dollars despite having a terrible run with the Eagles and Chip Kelly. If even HE can get a deal signed for $35 million, surely Ryan Fitzpatrick, who despite his age could very well put you in a playoff spot, should get one.

As far as the Jets front office goes, I get it. Why sign a guy for that much money who’s going to age out soon? What if last year was just a fluke? Well guess what…..

Dear Jets,

It’s time to make a move. You have the chance to lock down playoff potential. He understands the schemes, he reads defenses, and he’s quite possibly in the best shape of his career.

Give the man his money. Even if it’s for 1 year. You may have to charge a little extra for hot dogs, but nobody is expecting them to be cheap as it is.



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  1. Fitzpatrick was more consistent than Bradford last year. However, I don’t think he has as high a ceiling. Also, he’s looking for a last contract – older q.b. If Bradford plays well for the Eagles this year, he can go somewhere else and get paid.

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