Life Adjusting

I’m a changed man in many ways because of my kid.

I’ve become a machine of efficiency unlike the previous incarnation of myself, an occasionally puttering relic of an industrial revolution also known as my “teens”. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve had a problem with what could be considered the basics, keeping up with things on a daily basis.

Keeping up with things on a weekly basis has been more my speed, dishes on Friday, breakfast and lunch prepped the night before cause the kiddo will eat at daycare (rotating between two or three of her favorites), Wifey takes care of laundry cause she’s a powerhouse of amazingness.

But this has all changed.


Since the kiddo has started kindergarten I’m up making breakfast by 8AM, and starting to roll out new things for her to try instead of the same three things every week. Dishes are done every day, dinner is more homemade instead of purchased. All these things we have struggled and tried to do for so long, now in place. Why?

Maybe we just needed that kick in the ass.

Best I can figure is that’s what happened. A solid “start date” of “this is what life is now, you must adjust or fail”, and in that I find something I’ve been looking for in my 5 years of parenting/parent-blogging. It’s the answer to “the question”:

“I’m about to become a parent, what advice can you give me?”

When you start talking about your parenting, your wins and losses and your advice in areas that are considered the minutia, you’ll get that question every so often. In some ways it’s someone seriously asking for a little direction, in others it’s a test of your character. Either way it’s a check of your confidence.

“Ok, Mr. Man who thinks he knows so much about parenting, answer this age old question that doesn’t really have an answer.”

Now I have it.

Adjust or fail.

Every single day you will be tested either by new challenges, or harsh repetitiveness. But the biggest challenges will be changes in lifestyle. Sleeping and feeding schedules, work and vacation schedules, everything changes. Then it stays the same. Then it changes again. You have to be just as prepared for “another day in the life” as you are for “the biggest shakeup”.

We’ve adjusted, and we are succeeding. Well…..for now anyway….



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