WHY?! Because Nick Is An Angry Little Man

Do you guys ever have an experience or overhear something someone else said and just get incredibly annoyed or angry, pissed off even? Of course you do. Well, Nick does, too. And now, you can all see him verbalize just how pissed off random things in life make him in our new YouTube series, “WHY?!”.

Have a look, listen, and really feel how angry he is in each of the first five episodes. We’ll embed them all right here so you can watch ’em all!

In the first episode of WHY?! Nick rants on people who wear too much cologne. Knock that shit off!

In episode 2, Nick tackles your unwanted parenting advice. Wanted advice, good. Unwanted advice, bad. See? It’s just THAT easy.

In episode 3, Nick rants on you sick people who violate the unspoken bathroom codes. Don’t stand so close to him at the urinals.

In episode 4, Nick’s angry with those no-good, good-for-nothing slow drivers in the left lane. Move!

In episode 5, Nick takes on some of the most inconsiderate people on the planet–restaurant campers. If that’s you watch and learn!

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